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one of the co-founders of Head Injury Records, he manages a majority of the business side of the label and makes a little music too.



he strives to create a platform that supports and showcases our insanely diverse range of artists whilst releasing some of his own music along the way. 


He is driven by the talent of his team. Working with artists like Joe, and Harvey from Eve’s delight has been his key to developing his skills as a creative.

'I believe the best tracks come from real experiences, creating sounds that can transport whoever’s listening to the place and time the artist references is key to timeless music.'

'Art should never feel forced, this is why I’ll go through hundreds of sounds each time a layer is added as the feeling of a “correct” sound or arrangement is unmistakable and

I never want to leave a track until that feeling has been achieved. '


The combination of his personal music taste, years of playing in different bands and the skills he gained in logic all go into each track he makes;  with the goal to make each one better than the last.

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