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Joseph Gray  

Joe is                  hungry feed joe

If you can put it in a box it’s not working for me,

Staying alive, keeping my heart above the water 

Maintain the truth,

You have to have good intent,

The world needs saving there’s already so much pain that it can be so hard to find balance,

When It comes to music reflections of pain are just as crucial as reflections of love,

The song has to connect with something honest,

It doesn’t really matter how that manifests,

As long as the feeling is true, 

Remove your fear of death. 


Nothing really matters if you don’t love what you do,


Which is what makes love so important, 

Love is the new money,

I feel like that is the only way forward, 

This country tries to blindfold you with what you should think is true,


We’ve all been scared to die, 

Stay open,

It is eating us all alive.

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