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Mari is not a rapper.

Mari     is a manifestation of character through the form of sound. A manifestation of his vision, a projection of his thoughts and feelings. He is an overthinker, and Mari is a way for him to channel his delusions into the future.


'It is about where I’m destined to be, a vision that me and the collective scheme, a dream of mine to be in the sky, for you to watch and see.'



Mari     is not bound by labels and stereotypes, but rather a free entity with boundless inspiration. Music is his journal, and the songs he produces are personifications of his thoughts.

'I am simply expressing my feelings through words and rhythms that are pleasing to the ear. Music is my life, and Mari is a culmination of qualities I strive towards.'


'Music gives me a sense of direction, Mari is a spearhead arrow and I am the crossbow.'

The key to my creative process is emotion. I can not write something that I do not feel, if I did then it would not be true to who I am. Similarly to how you would not write journal entries in public, I struggle to write lyrics when around other people.

Mari requires space and time in order to portray my truest self. My greatest music flows when I have no outside influences.


                'Silence allows me to analyse my thoughts and put them on to paper.'

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